Monday, 25 March 2013

A girl named Ebony

Lauren left, Ebony right

  • Takes photos on her camera
  • loves life, and lives it to the full
  • faithfully adores her family
  • dreams dreams
  • brings joy to those around her
  • laughs
  • loves Orio's biscuites dipped in milk
  • plays the piano
  • draws beautifully
  • says 'lovely' like her mum and 'I reckon' like her dad
  • always thinks of creative things to do
  • makes movies
  • plays bored games to win, at all costs
  • rides her horse Benny
  • made the maximum of her childhood
  • loves flowers 
  • prays from her heart
  • catches simple joys
  • designs her room personally and flawlessly
And I am blessed to call her   f r i e n d

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